Welcome to our Brand Ambassador Program!

Are you a current customer of Styleheir and already share content via Facebook or Instagram?  Do you already send texts to your friends telling them how much you love shopping with our brand and invite others to shop with us or follow us as well? 

We just launched our Brand Ambassador Program to help reward you for loving our brand and helping to make it successful.  We are so excited to now be offering:

   --> 10% CASH on all purchases referred by you through a customized link and/or discount code

   --> 35% off all items you purchase to promote

   --> Extra perks and gifts for high performing Ambassadors

The best part?  You don't have to have 50k or more Instagram followers or an "influencer" to be part of this program.  We know how valuable your referrals to this brand are and we want to celebrate that and help you earn some cash.

Ambassador Requirements:

   - All ambassadors are required to tag @styleheir and #styleheir in every post


We have built in security features preventing Ambassador's purchasing items through their own affiliate links.  Commissions are subject to be revoked at any point where Styleheir deems appropriate and the Ambassador agrees to our terms and conditions. 

Start today and register here --> https://app.growthhero.io/#/c/styleheir/registration